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Breaking: Georgia NAACP Elects New Executive Committee Leadership!

Atlanta, GA – The 81st Annual Georgia NAACP State Conference saw the election of a dynamic new executive committee. President Gerald Griggs was re-elected, and he's joined by:

- 1st VP: Kip Carr - 3rd VP: Gwen Westbrooks - Treasurer: Jacques Laurent - Asst. Treasurer: Louise Thomas - Members at Large: Yvonne Hawks, Dexter Benning, Larry Lockey

Together, they'll continue the fight for civil rights and justice in Georgia.Georgia NAACP Announces Election Results: Gerald Griggs Re-Elected as President and New Executive Committee.

Statement from the Georgia NAACP: "We are thrilled to announce that Gerald Griggs has been elected as the President of the Georgia NAACP. President Griggs has a proven track record of fighting for civil rights and social justice, and we believe he is the right leader to guide our organization in this critical time. His vision and dedication will be instrumental in advancing the mission and values of the Georgia NAACP." Future Plans: Gerald Griggs will immediately continue the role of President, and resumes the responsibility of leading the Georgia NAACP in its ongoing efforts to combat systemic racism, advocate for equal rights, and create a more just and equitable Georgia. About the Georgia NAACP: The Georgia NAACP, with a history spanning over eight decades, has been a leading voice in the fight for civil rights and social justice. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to dismantling racial injustice and promoting equality for all.

Stay Connected: For updates and further information, please follow the Georgia NAACP on social media [@Georgia_NAACP] and use the hashtag #GeorgiaNAACP

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