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Georgia NAACP honoring Our Heroes on Veterans Day

On this special day, the Georgia NAACP extends heartfelt gratitude and profound appreciation to you, our dedicated servicemen and women, who have valiantly served our nation. Veterans Day is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made, the challenges faced, and the unwavering commitment you have shown in defending the principles that make our country great.

Your courage, resilience, and selflessness inspire us all. Whether on the front lines or in supporting roles, you have played a pivotal role in safeguarding the freedoms we hold dear. Your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed, and we want to express our deepest thanks for the sacrifices you and your families have made.

As an organization committed to justice and equality, we recognize the importance of acknowledging the diverse and invaluable contributions of our veterans. Your commitment to duty transcends boundaries and serves as a shining example of unity and strength.

As we honor you today, let us also recommit ourselves to ensuring that the rights and opportunities you defended are extended to all, without discrimination or prejudice. Together, we can build a society that upholds the principles of justice and equality that you fought so bravely to protect.

May this Veterans Day bring you joy, recognition, and a profound sense of pride in your service. We stand with you, today and always, in gratitude for your dedication and sacrifice.

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1 Comment

Guenevere Reed
Guenevere Reed
Jan 14

Greetings I am Guenevere Reed the mother and Community Advocate for my Veteran son Babatunde A Kwame Reed -Tacla who is incarceratied in PAULDING County Georgia

This is Kwame’s case # 23-CR-720

My innocent son who is being charged with allegedly child molestation of his children!!!

All the charges are false and my son’s Public DefenderAtty GRADY Moore, District Atty MATTHEW ROLLINS are aware of he 2 RECANTED audio recordings by the 2 alleged victims!! The Grand Jury dismissed 4 of 8 charges!!! But the DA and PA will not drop the 4 remaining charges???

We would like you to call and ask for an INVESTIGATION into the unprofessional conduct and ill intent by PAULDING County PD GRADY MOORE, P…

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