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Georgia NAACP State President Responds To Biden Administration New Executive Order

Yesterday in Washington D.C. President Joe Biden officially signed an executive order addressing the policing crisis in America. We fully support the statement authored by the President of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People, Derrick Johnson.

Further, The Georgia NAACP recognizes that this action comes from the pain felt by Georgia families to include: Jimmy Atchison, Vincent Truitt, Jamarion Robinson, Oscar Cain, Cain Rogers, Alexia Christian, and countless other unnamed victims of police brutality.

Much like the U.S, Georgia also has a police brutality problem. Through this executive order, I hope that the state and the nation recognize the necessary steps needed for accountability and policing, and act on it.

Attorney Gerald A. Griggs

State Conference President

Georgia NAACP

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