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Verification of Georgia NAACP Election Results and Certification of the Election

This weekend, the NAACP National Board conducted a thorough review and deliberation on the Georgia State Conference Officer Election complaint. Following careful consideration, the board has voted to dismiss the complaint.

Consequently, we hereby announce the official verification and reelection of Gerald Griggs as the State Conference President of the Georgia NAACP. Further, the National Board certified that election immediately. We extend our congratulations to President Griggs, Vice President Kip Carr and Gwenette Westbrooks and the entire Executive Committee. We look forward to moving the State Conference forward.

The election results, conducted on October 7, 2023, stand as follows:

Georgia NAACP Elections | October 7, 2023

  • President: Gerald Griggs

  • 1st Vice President: Kip Carr

  • 2nd Vice President: Vacant

  • 3rd Vice President: Gwenette Westbrooks

  • Secretary: Vacant

  • Assistant Secretary: Vacant

  • Treasurer: Jacques Laurent

  • Assistant Treasurer: Louise Thomas

  • Executive Committee Members-At-Large: Dexter Benning, Larry Lockey, and Yvonne Hawks

We thank all participants for their engagement in the electoral process and commend the commitment shown to the NAACP's mission and values.

Georgia NAACP Election Results

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