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The Georgia NAACP Issues Statement Regarding Alleged Police Misconduct In Liberty County

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Liberty County, GA - On Wednesday April 20th after playing their final game of the season, members of the Delaware State University Women's Lacrosse team made their way back to their hometown of Dover, Delaware. While driving northbound on Interstate 95 in Liberty County, Georgia, the bus driver was pulled over by Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputies for a traffic violation. This stop traffic violation turned into a search where officers entered the bus to check the team’s luggage for narcotics. According to DSU Lacrosse player Sydney Anderson, said the officers went as far as to attempt to have the team admit to ownership of drugs. President of the Georgia NAACP Attorney Gerald Griggs released the following statement regarding the incident:


About The Georgia NAACP
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has had an unbroken presence in Georgia since 1917. The Georgia NAACP maintains a network of units throughout Georgia, from cities to small rural counties. The Georgia NAACP has been the most effective and consistent advocate for African American civil rights in Georgia. You can read more about the Georgia NAACP’s work and mission at
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