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Empowering Change: Key Takeaways from the Georgia NAACP Executive Committee Leadership Retreat

Updated: Mar 30

In the bustling heart of Atlanta, amidst the vibrant energy of activism and progress, the Georgia NAACP recently hosted its Executive Committee Leadership Retreat. This transformative event, held from March 22nd to March 24th, 2024, brought together leaders from across the state to engage in intensive training, bonding activities, and fellowship. Let's delve into the highlights of this successful gathering.

Bonding Activity:

Kicking off the retreat on Friday, March 22nd, was a special bonding activity held at the Georgia NAACP Headquarters. Led by Dr. Rosalyn Matthews, the 2nd Vice President, participants engaged in meaningful interactions, fostering connections and unity within the committee.

Mandatory Leadership Training:

The core of the retreat unfolded on Saturday, March 23rd, with a full day of mandatory leadership training. Hosted again at the Georgia NAACP Headquarters and facilitated by Kevin Myles, former NAACP Regional Director, the training delved into crucial skills and strategies for effective leadership in advocacy and community engagement.

Fellowship Service:

Closing the retreat on Sunday, March 24th, was a heartfelt fellowship service at the New Birth Church. Led by Rev. Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, attendees gathered to reflect, find spiritual renewal, and strengthen their commitment to the principles of justice and equality.

Reflections on Success:

The Georgia NAACP Executive Committee Leadership Retreat was more than just a series of events; it was a testament to the dedication and passion of its participants. Through engaging activities, comprehensive training, and moments of fellowship, leaders emerged inspired, equipped, and united in their mission to effect positive change in Georgia.


As the echoes of the retreat linger and its impact continues to resonate, the Georgia NAACP looks ahead with renewed vigor and purpose. The bonds forged, the knowledge gained, and the spirit of solidarity cultivated during this retreat serve as powerful catalysts for the ongoing work of advocacy and empowerment across the state. With unity as our strength and leadership as our compass, we march forward, fueled by the shared vision of a more just and equitable future for all Georgians.

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