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March Georgia NAACP Update with President Gerald Griggs | Georgia NAACP

Tune in to the latest Georgia NAACP Update for March, featuring President Gerald Griggs as he shares crucial insights, updates, and actions taken by the Georgia NAACP to advance civil rights and social justice in the state. In this informative video, President Griggs addresses pressing issues facing communities across Georgia, including voter suppression, racial injustice, and systemic inequalities. Stay informed and empowered as President Griggs discusses the NAACP's ongoing initiatives, partnerships, and upcoming events aimed at fostering positive change and advocating for equity and fairness for all Georgians. Don't miss this opportunity to stay engaged and join the fight for justice. Subscribe now and hit the notification bell to stay updated on future updates and actions from the Georgia NAACP. #GeorgiaNAACP #CivilRights #SocialJustice

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