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NAACP Acknowledges 75th Anniversary of Desegregation of the Armed Forces Ahead of Memorial Day


May 26, 2023

Contact: Chyna Fields,

WASHINGTON — Today, we come together to pay tribute to our courageous service members who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in service of a cause greater than themselves — the protection of our country and its highest ideals.

Throughout history, generations of Black Americans have made this selfless sacrifice, driven by the hope that their service would reflect their humanity and pave the way to true freedoms and equality for themselves and their loved ones.

While the hopes of these heroes have not yet been fully realized, let their extraordinary courage serve as inspiration to us all. Let us renew our commitment to the advocacy work necessary to ensure that America unequivocally prioritizes the principles they fought to uphold so we may achieve a more just and equitable nation for all.


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